Treadmill in my office

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I like walking meetings. Go for a walk, make a few rounds, discuss what needs to be done, then go back to your desk and write down the main points. This style of meetings is the closest to me. From March 2020 it is difficult, because practically all my business has moved to the online world. However, I found a solution.

Half a year and a few kilos later?
Probably many of you, Dear Readers, have similar experiences. From the situation when you do not even know when you walked 10,000 steps during the day (because you did so many things walking from place to place), to the situation when in the evening you realize that you only have about 1000 steps on your account, and the bathroom scale shows a surprisingly high number of steps. kilograms. This is not about gamification fun with apps that count steps and body weight, but about well-being and health.

Walk, eat and sleep
For several years, I have been paying more attention to how exercise, sleep and nutrition affect my energy levels. If I don’t walk a few kilometers, go to sleep too late and eat anything I want, then I’m in a much worse shape than usual. I suppose it was always like that, only I didn’t see it.

When gifts fall from the sky …
Recently, I was lucky in disaster, because it was my fiftieth birthday during the pandemic, and I could let my imagination run wild as I wanted as a gift. In this way, an electric treadmill was installed in my office. I have already seen tips and examples on the web how this or that person combines office work with movement on a treadmill. Now I can share my story.

Walking Teams and Zoom
One-on-one meetings with clients are a time-consuming part of my job. Since March, these are meetings at Zoom, and recently more and more often at Teams. As soon as I know that at a given meeting I will not need to spend time in a spreadsheet with financial results or share my files, I go to the meeting on a treadmill tablet. (I have a stand above the treadmill to which I attached a simple android tablet, which I use mainly for videoconferencing, e-learning and sports applications. I will talk about the latter two later, and now about meetings.)

Slowly like a pensioner
In fact, if it were to be a treadmill only for videoconferencing, then some modest model would be enough to move at a speed of several kilometers per hour. Because such a calm step as on a business walk is 3-4 km / h. The slow engine doesn’t make any special noise. I, too, usually use headphones to reduce background noise, so my interlocutors should not experience any discomfort in walking meetings. How easy it is to count, if I walk at an average speed of 3 km / h during an hourly meeting, then after the meeting “I’m in my feet” 3 km. After two meetings, it’s already 6 km. It does really well.

Maybe you will also move?
I am talking about it as a curiosity. My work is specific and perhaps so different from yours that apart from learning about the extravagant curiosity, you won’t get much from today’s column. Perhaps, however, I will awaken your will to move every day. Maybe you don’t have a busy schedule like mine and you can go for an hour or two outdoors every day? Honestly, I am not convinced that an electric treadmill in an enclosed space is the best thing you can do for your health. However, in my case it is a good rescue from complete stillness.

Treadmill education
I have mentioned above that I also do e-learning and sports on a treadmill tablet. Well, I use on-line courses, usually in the form of a webinar, and I realized that nothing prevents me from gaining knowledge by walking. This is what I do.

What treadmill? Specification? Details?
I suppose some of you want to know more technical details. What exactly is the treadmill? In addition to taking walks at retirement pace, am I doing something closer to sports with her? What did I already learn about treadmills, their market, prices and brands when I was doing my pre-birthday research? What is the effect of a treadmill on your electricity bill? What did I observe about second-hand equipment? In which stores I watched treadmills. What experience do I have with the iFit software that provides exercise with online trainers? I will answer these questions in Wednesday’s videomateriale, which will be launched on September 2 at 20:00 on my YouTube channel (I will definitely post the link on on Tuesday).